Are you thinking about adopting a pet?

Now you can have your dream puppy right at your home. Whether you want a purebred or a crossbred we have it all.

Getting out of town for the weekend or a few weeks? Bring your dog to us for their boarding stay and Our caring staff provides a safe, nurturing, & active day they'll have as much fun on their vacation as you do on yours

  • No Cage 100%
  • Experienced staff with A->Z practical knowledge about dogs
  • Natural Breeding

The finest dog boarding services and totally homely touch.


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The Services We Offer

Day Boarding

Seeking compassionate care for your dog? Eliminate the guilt and anxiety that often accompanies leaving a pet behind by trusting the skilled team of DOG Planet

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Regular Health Checkups

When you bring your dog in for their routine checkups, we are able to prevent health issues from arising in your pet in the first place, or we can catch them early.

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Dog Breeding

If you plan on breeding your dog,we are happy to help with you to access the best time to breed dog and provide care throughout the process.

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Adopt/Buy Dog

We provide our clients with top quality puppies for sale and we are dedicated to providing all our clients with a great puppy buying experience.

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